Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mini Beauty Dish (Flashpoint) Nikon SB800 Review Part 2

This picture was taken during the November 2010 GPP Workshop with Bert Stephani. It uses one remote Flash from left to intensify the direction of the natural light.

I have to write a small appendix to the last post. I omitted to compare the small beauty dish with a "proper" 40cm dish normally used for studio flash.

f18  flash 1/16 manual

Here it is. The flash bracket and the dish are from Strobies and are a Bowens compatible mount. flash is a SB800. Beautiful light with a nice transition. If you compare it to the small dish  the bright center is about double the size.    The comparison on a wall is OK to see the distribution of light but it is kind of moot for a comparison of real capability. It will need to be tested in a real portrait set up.

f16  flash 1/16 manual

I wanted to see if I can mount a Metz 45 into the Strobies mount. My quick result looked like this. Horrrrrible! Ok I have to clearly come up with a better way of connecting the 45er to the mount. I will let you know when I find something useful.

f16  flash 1/16 manual
For one final comparison the Strobies Octabox. An even bigger blob of nice even light. One point to note is, that the Octabox is quite efficient. I can still dial up the flash 4 more stops. 

Somehow the Mini Dish eats a lot more light (at least one to two stops)

That needs more comparison with a real subject. 

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