Saturday, March 12, 2011

How many stobes or flashes do I need? Sometimes none!

This picture was also taken in Greg Heislers Workshop at GPP. I will not spill the whole story, but in a tight corner the light stuff you can find in a hardware store, or even a supermarket can be used if nothing else is to hand.

This picture was taken with ONE torchlight. The torchlight gives normally a very defined round beam and a hot spot.  Remember Snoopy? There is a hot spot on the right side of the face, but the light is much more varied and has shadows running through the lighted area. So there is a light modifier involved.

The secret ingredient in this picture is the plastic packing of another little light. The more the plastic is bent and warped the better the effect will be. The good thing is also that you can see the effect as the plastic is twisted and turned because the torch light is permanent lighting.

Camera was the D300s. with the Nikon 85 1.8 lens, aperture was 2.0, shutter speed 1/60.

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