Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Venus Optics KX-800 aka KR-800 Macro Twin Flash Practical Review and Comparison 1

In early April 2015 the Chinese Manufacturer Venus Optics announced the KX-800 Macro Twin Flash. The announcement was picked up quickly and reported widely by many photo related websites.

The flash is fitted with three flexible arms, of which two carry each a flash tube unit and one shorter middle arm carries a LED. The flash is manual mode only.

My first impressions and initial experiences are reported here: http://nikonrumors.com/2015/05/30/venus-optics-kx-800-macro-twin-flash-review.aspx/

One important issue is the question  KX-800 and KR-800 ?

The order process on the Venus website was uncomplicated and the delivery of the parcel from China to my desk was quite fast, BUT the flash that arrived was unfortunately not what I ordered but a flash called KR-800. 

The website of Venus has a note that initially the KX-800 flash will sent out in KR-800 boxes and with a KR-800 manual. The manufacturer explains that they want to use up surplus stocks of old boxes and manuals for the previous model.  They state that the new model has better flash arms, but is otherwise unchanged in function. HOWEVER My flash unit has clearly KR-800 printed on it, so I did not only get the surplus package but also the surplus stock of the old model!

I exchanged a couple of e-mails with the customer service of Venus, and they insist that I have the "NEW" model. After pointing out that my flash clearly spells out the OLD name. They said that they also used some old housings. (Which they did forget to mention on their website.)  But it would "really" "honestly" be the new model.

To summarize:
1) I ordered  a KX-800 received a confirmation and receipt for a KX-800
2) I got a flash that spells out KR-800 in a box that says KR-800 and a manual that says KR-800.
3) But  and the customer service insists that it "is" a KX-800.


As you can read in the write up linked above it is however fun to use the unit.

I will shortly post a follow up piece in this blog.
The topics will be

- Expanded Guide Number test
- Proper portrait test
- Testing the speed (duration) of the flash for freezing fast moving objects.
- Testing properly how long batteries last

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