Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GPP in Dubai

I attended the last Day of GPP last Saturday in Dubai and had a really good time. It is highly recommended.

In the morning I attended David Hobby's Workshop "Lighting in Layers". David's method of "layering" and keeping control of his lights by manual settings was really interesting. He also shared a good number of Tips (ranging from lighting to life coaching) and was great in answering the many questions. Thanks a lot David!

In the picture above he sets up a "Band" shot with the main light comming from an SB 800 and using an IKEA lamp shade as light modifier.

In the evening the event ended with a show in the auditorium and the highlight of the show was the shoot/out between David Hobby, Zack Arias and young Joey L.

See Davids Blog here and Zacks blog here. Please have a look at their blogs. I am not repeating the details. The photo below is the making of for Zac's final picture.

Young Joey L kept true with his "cool kid on the block" image and delivered a Polaroid which he taped to the screen so that the audience could see the two minute post processing.

One thing that struck me in Davids Workshop is that there are at least two generations out there who never saw a manual flash. The super-duper CLS iTTL Auto BLS Fillflash actually blurs what is going on. So I will continue with the examples right from the basics.

I have thought out a set up to continue wit the small Canon flash in manual mode which will be comming up soon. Stay tuned.

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