Thursday, February 18, 2010

Using flash in your photography has never been simpler! Or has It?

My photographic journey started when I got my first camera, a simple Agfa model with 126 cassette film when I was nine years old. Since then photography has been a dear hobby. Sometimes more time was devoted to it sometimes less. Like with most hobbyists my focus of interest meandered through a wide array of motives, techniques, and processes. And there has always been a certain technical fascination. A Pro naturally specialises on subject matters, equipment and process to obtain best results and to build a reputation in his special field. Not me, I could try and experiment to my hearts content.

My first camera had flash cubes that fired four times, then you threw the cube away and needed a new one. The second camera, a handed down cosina in the guise of REVUE 3000 came with a small fully manual electronic flash. The guide number table is printed on its back and you have to cross reference distance and aperture. My third flash was a Metz 45 CT-1! What a Monster! Automatic flash exposure! Today I use Metz Remote for my TTL film cameras and since a few month with my newest toy Nikon CLS for digital!

I couldn't help noticing that marketing promised with each evolution of ever more sophisiticated flash units that handling will be much much simpler, however the manuals have become thicker and thicker. I have read a number of books watched the Nikon DVD, read strobist and other helpful websites but still a number of questions remain in regard to the Nikon flashes and CLS.

Entering a new chapter in my hobby I decided that I want to do two things:
1) Take all my old and new flash stuff and experiment to see how I can get it to work together in a systematic fashion. (There we are, after all I am German therefore the word systematic had to pop up sooner or later.)
2) Play with the nice technology of remote flash. It seems to be the current fashion anyway.

The blog will be a mix of new things, old things, and experiments.

P.S. You will notice that I used "strobe" in the title and use "flash" in the text. The simple reason is, that I am used to the word flash but the domain flashex was already taken.

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